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From JP Cafaro <>
Subject ParentPackage annotation not applying to subpackages
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2010 19:28:35 GMT
I'm using struts 2 with convention plugin.  The convention plugin page 
states for the ParentPackage annotation, "To apply this annotation to 
all actions in a package (and subpackages), add it to"  I have two packages, my-default and my-secure.  I 
have a package called and in it I have a with a ParentPackage annotation for "my-secure".  
However, I have subpackages,, etc. and in order for 
them to think they are also part of "my-secure", they need their own file.  This is annoying.  How do I make the apply to all of the subpackages like the convention 
page says.

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