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From Brian Thompson <>
Subject Re: Page composition strategy
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 21:33:34 GMT
Out of curiosity, has anyone on the list actually used both Tiles and
Sitemesh?  I'd really like to read a comparison of the two, not just

"Sitemesh is quite easy to use."
"I don't think you can get much more simple than Tiles."

All I really get from Googling is Sitemesh fanboys bashing Tiles as
"inferior", but they don't really go into any detail. :(


On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Ken <> wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-06-23 at 10:36 +0100, Alex Rodriguez Lopez wrote:
>> I've been using Tiles and always found it confusing a little bit, now
>> that I'm starting to test Sitemesh my vote would be for this last one.
>> They accomplish the same thing, only Tiles is like saying each time "my
>> page is made up of this, this and this". Sitemesh is more about taking a
>> piece of a page and decorate it into a full page (more like
>> "intercepting" or filtering).
> I'd say that Tiles is like saying
> only _once_ that my base page is
> made of this and this... and each
> subsequent page you should say
> "extends" the base page, in my case
> this means that
> a different jsp is embedded into the
> body which means a definition only
> has one line.
> Each definition can of course
> override any of the content in base,
> for instance my base
> has a left menu, header, body and
> footer all defined, a tiles
> definition typically overrides the
> body
> portion, but say I made a
> "secureLayout" definition then every
> page that a user needs to log in
> to see will simply extend the
> "secureLayout" definition.  I have a
> layout for displaying records...
> "recordLayout" which redefines the
> header and footer to provide
> information such as where
> the data was derived and how many
> records and navigation between the
> pages of the table.
> JSP's that then display records over
> ride the body section of
> "recordLayout" which simply
> overrides
> a different header and footer of the
> Secure Layout.
> I don't think you can get much more
> simple than Tiles.  I'm not sure if
> it is the right approach if
> you had a really modular layout (say
> you needed to let users add widgets
> to any page).  But if the layout is
> really
> hierarchical I'd say it's the way to
> go.

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