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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: Exec & Wait
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 13:57:33 GMT
On 6/2/10 3:04 PM, Roger wrote:
> I was more, kind of wondering, what does using exec&wait with Token support
> buy me over using exec&wait without Token support? (I've never used the in-
> built token support before)

appears to be where this code snippet came from.  Without it the E&W 
stuff doesn't play nicely with tokens.  If you're not using tokens, then 
it doesn't matter to you whether this bug is present or not :-).

> As an aside, how are people polling the action for completion. I'm using the
> meta-refresh tag and this gives me an annoying "blink" effect - has anyone
> managed to turn this into an "ajax-y" poll?

Sounds like a good idea.  You could even maybe integrate it with a 
progress bar showing how much of the work has been done/remains...

Let us know how it turns out...
...and of course, if you wanted to contribute the results...


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