I still don't know what caused the issue.  Using just the <a> tag revealed that  ${companyId} was null, producting <a href=""> tags.
So I removed the id from the <s:url> tag... and then embedded the the whole <s:url> tag into the <a> tag, and it works as expected...

<a href='<s:url action="companyDetails.action" namespace="/secure"><s:param name="group" value="log.id.mlgroup"/><s:param name="id" value="log.id.mlid"/></s:url>'>
   <s:property value="cur.mco"/>

My issue is it isn't pretty. Okay just out of interest I added  id="something" to <s:url> and the html is back to <a href=''>... So the id attribute causes the tag not to return a value and pushes the url onto the value stack as the name of the id attribute? 

The usage example here suggests this too: http://struts.apache.org/2.0.14/docs/a.html

On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 08:34 -0400, Greg Lindholm wrote:
Use the "href" not the "value" attribute to specify the URL.

Unless you are use the tag ajax support there is no reason to use the
<s:a> tag just use the plain html <a> tag

like <a href="${companyId}">

On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 8:38 PM, Ken <ken.mcwilliams@aerose.com> wrote:
> I am trying to dynamically construct a url inside an iterator tag and
> use that result in an anchor.
>        <s:iterator value="next">
>            <s:url  id="companyId" action="companyDetails.action"
> namespace="/secure">
>                <s:param name="group" value="log.id.mlgroup"/>
>                <s:param name="id" value="log.id.mlid"/>
>            </s:url>
>            <tr>
>                <td><s:property value="log.id.mlgroup"/></td>
>                <td><s:property value="log.id.mlid"/></td>
>                <td><s:property value="log.mlco"/></td>
>                <td><s:a value="%{companyId}"><s:property
> value="cur.mco"/></s:a></td>
>            </tr>
>        </s:iterator>
> This is producing the following html:
> (Showing two iterations only)
> <tr>
>                <td>01  </td>
>                <td>24737</td>
>                <td>****  TEST ** FOCUS INDUSTRIAL ****                                        </td>
>                <td><a>****  TEST ** FOCUS INDUSTRIAL ****     </a></td>
>            </tr>
>            <tr>
>                <td>01  </td>
>                <td>07777</td>
>                <td>==================+** THE TEST COMPANY  **+================================</td>
>                <td><a>CASH ** THE TEST COMPANY  **            </a></td>
>            </tr>
> Any Ideas?

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