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Subject Redirect to previous page.
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 10:00:36 GMT

I have a struts form which is on a JSP page, but this page masquerades as
a static HTML page for search engine optimisation and in fact masqerades
as hundreds of different static HTML pages.

My problem is when there is a problem with validation I want to be able to
forward back to the previous page.

My theory is whenever this page is accessed I store the URL being accessed
into the session, and then to set the INPUT result to a special action
class called PreviousPageAction, and then within that action get the
request dispatcher and manually forward to the value for the previous url
contained within the session.

If this method was to work, would the struts messages and errors etc be
accessable from the JSP page I have manually forwarded to or would they be

Is there a better solution that I can not think of?

Many Thanks


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