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Subject Re: Linking page
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 15:39:56 GMT
Is that strictly true?

For forms specifically you can be (and I do) using Struts form tags. You
do not loose Struts benefits as the struts2 filter by default maps the url
pattern /* which means all JSP pages get filtered through. If you are not
populating/building a view then it makes no sense to go through the
controller. It is counter intuitive just pass through an action which does
nothing, when the JSP would get filtered anyway.


> On Fri, 21 May 2010 11:01:43 -0400, Denis Cabasson
> <> wrote:
>> I personnaly prefer to use the same Action for things that are logically
>> grouped. So in your case, I would use the execute method to return
>> SUCCESS, pointing to the jsp, and a doSearch method with SEARCH result,
>> pointing to the other JSP. That way, you have only one action for both
>> JSP.
>> I don't like going straight to the JSP, as you lose all of the struts 2
>> benefits, and so I prefer everybody to go through their action, even if
>> that sometimes means having a execute method that just return SUCCESS.
>> We are using so many struts default functionnalities that only work with
>> the underlying actions (like resource bundles, etc..) that I really
>> couldn't live without an action.
>> Denis.
> I'm with Denis in that I prefer not to invoke jsps directly from the
> browser - if there is truly no "logic" to be performed before the display
> of the page, why not make it a static html page?
> If it must be a jsp, you don't even need to write an action to get to your
> jsp (assuming you're using struts 2), you can just configure the default
> action with your jsp as the success result.
> Steve
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