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From RogerV <>
Subject Re: Forms with Multiple Submit buttons (Bug or Expected?)
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 09:43:50 GMT

dcabasson wrote:
> Why not doing that on the server side, using the s:token approach? That 
> would prevent double submit on the server side.

As an aside to this, is there a similair technique for detecting multiple
GET requests for the same action?

I've got one particular action that gets its data from a measuring device
via a socket, (there is only ever one unique measuring device per user
session), the action requests the data, waits for the response from the
device, formats the data and displays for editing and then writes the data
back to the device and waits for the device to acknowledge that it's
processed the data. The measuring device is very tempremental and follows a
strict "request" -> "send-response(s)" protocol. It can't handle a second
"request" until it's completed its "send-response(s)" cycle from the
previous "request" - otherwise it locks up. I've taken care of the double
submit after editing, but multiple get requests are causing a problem. If a
user double clicks the url link to the action, depending on how fast they
double click, the device can end up seeing "request", "request" and promptly
rolls over.

I'm currently writing a proxy for the device to serialize access to it - I
was just wondering if there was a better alternative.

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