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From Asha K <>
Subject Struts : Maintaining state of the Form
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 08:22:26 GMT

Hi All, 

I am using struts 1.3 in my application . 

I have a requirement to develop multiple JSP pages linked to each other(
like a WIZARD) . 
The flow is as below. 


In each page a list of records are displayed with few editable fields. On
click of each record in the list , the corrusponding  next level  page
(list)  is displayed.User can update the list in every page by clicking the
SAVE button.Also user can go to previous page by clicking the Previous
button . In this case the state of the previous page should be retained. 

I have 2 questions regarding the design in this case: 

Q1 : 
Among the below solutions which will be the best solution to display the
data on the pages. 

1. On every click of the record , every time  a new request is made to the
server and the currosponding next level data of the record  is fetched from
database and next level page is displayed. 
-The disadvantage of this approach is number of server hits are more. As
every time  user will drill down till the last level and come back to the
first level and takes an action (update ) . 

2. To avoid the number of hits to the server, I can fetch the entire data (
ie,level 1 to level 4 data ) of the record only once and keep it into
- The disadvantage of this approach is , since the fetched  data is too
huge, the session object may be overloaded and may  cause performance

Please let me know your inputs on above solutions and please suggest if any
better solution can be implemented. 

This is regarding Handling the "Previous" button flow. 
As mentioned earlier , user can click the "Previous" button of each  page
and go back to the previous level (with the previous state maintained) . 
Here if the scope of my Form object is "request" I will lose my previous
page data after I send a new request .In this case I  can restore the entire
data by caching it on server side or storing it in session again. 
Please let me know if any other suitable approach can be used to restore the
data of Previous page. 

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