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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: Using json in Struts
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 18:36:44 GMT
On 4/20/10 2:11 PM, sharath karnati wrote:
> but facing same problem...

Because your problem doesn't appear to be a server-side one, but rather 
what's going on inside the browser.

> In file having below line
> *struts.enable.DynamicMethodInvocation = **true*

If that's true, then your action configuration including the ! character 
may or may not work as you intend, as dynamic method invocation 
effectively does the same thing as your wildcarding there.

> I'm using 'struts2-dojo-plugin-' plugin for doing AJAX, and
> you mentioned that dojo is deprecated. Can you please tell me how to do
> AJAX in struts2.1.8?? what components(similar to dojo) we need to use to
> get AJAX functionality.

AJAX libraries run in the browser.  Struts2 runs on the server.  They're 
really orthogonal.  I'd advise picking a javascript library that you can 
get your head around and learning to use it separately from struts, then 
understanding the few small areas where requests sent/results parsed to 
understand how that'll work with a struts-based server.

DOJO (at least the ancient version in the struts plugin) is dog slow in 
the browser, so I'd avoid it if possible.  My current project is based 
on the prototype/scriptaculous libraries, but I've heard/seen good 
things regarding jquery.  Assuming that has components that do 
asynchronous requests, I'd look at jquery.

details one example of doing this with jquery directly.

If that's all too much for you to figure out, I believe there is an 
effort at a jquery plugin (basically a sj taglib) that might be able to 
help you.  I had thought there was an effort to put that in the sandbox 
or even support it as part of the normal struts distribution, but I 
don't recall.  It appears that this plugin resides at:
not sure what relationship this one has to the former:

All that said, if you just want to push forward with the deprecated dojo 
plugin, I'll again suggest using firebug within firefox to track down 
what's going wrong in the browser.


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