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From adam pinder <>
Subject Action tag: execute method not being called‏
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 09:13:00 GMT

in case anyone else encounters similar issue.
i forced the locale to en_GB (using datetimepicker with dd/mm/yyyy format) by adding it into
struts.xml and now it works.
what was happening was that the dates on the url were not being converted into java.util.Date
fields because they were deemed invalid when using Safari!. Two problems with that
1) No proper error occurs and so there is no stack trace and it is not displayed by actionerrors
tag as it is not the pages action (its an s:action on a page).
2) The logging from ParameterInterceptor class showed that all the parameters whether using
IE,Firefox or Safari were exactly the same, the dates were the same value and format - if
something affects the conversion then it would be helpful if the parameter interceptor class
could output the relevant details (i.e. the locale with regards to Date conversions).
I was surprised that the browser had any bearing on this particular issue as the s:action
must be resolved on the server side - is the browsers default locale kept in the session and
then used where necessary ?
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