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From Alex Rodriguez Lopez <>
Subject Re: Description of current struts-\lib content
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:34:32 GMT
Em 24-02-2010 16:32, Lukasz Lenart escreveu:
> 2010/2/24 Alex Rodriguez Lopez<>:
>> Hi!
>> I've recently started a job as a webapp developer.
>> I've been some days already working out how Struts 2 works, I'm the kind of
>> person who likes to know exactly what's going on at all moments, so I rather
>> assemble my own app taking what I need at every moment that work from an
>> example.
>> Is there a listing somewhere where I get a description of what exaclty
>> acomplishes every jar in lib folder? How they relate, which ones are not to
>> be used together, which ones are necessary... While i'm sure this info is
>> somewhere, it would be nice to have it in the same place.
>> This way I can add them and know why I do so, not just copy the ones from an
>> existing example. Also, the provided apps seem to variate a lot in how are
>> they done, mail reader being practically the same as the Struts1 example.
>> Documentation seem to be a little scattered, I would like to see a simple
>> list of what every bundled jar does, not have to navigate through all
>> plugins, guess which ones are equivalent/deprecated/already included, etc
> Use Maven 2 ;-)
> Regards

Thanks, I'll check into it, it seems to be everywhere latelly although I 
still don't know exactly what it is... :S


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