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From Alex Rodriguez Lopez <>
Subject Description of current struts-\lib content
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:23:16 GMT

I've recently started a job as a webapp developer.

I've been some days already working out how Struts 2 works, I'm the kind 
of person who likes to know exactly what's going on at all moments, so I 
rather assemble my own app taking what I need at every moment that work 
from an example.

Is there a listing somewhere where I get a description of what exaclty 
acomplishes every jar in lib folder? How they relate, which ones are not 
to be used together, which ones are necessary... While i'm sure this 
info is somewhere, it would be nice to have it in the same place.

This way I can add them and know why I do so, not just copy the ones 
from an existing example. Also, the provided apps seem to variate a lot 
in how are they done, mail reader being practically the same as the 
Struts1 example.

Documentation seem to be a little scattered, I would like to see a 
simple list of what every bundled jar does, not have to navigate through 
all plugins, guess which ones are equivalent/deprecated/already 
included, etc


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