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From Marcus Bond <>
Subject Modifying action mapping per device type
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 19:59:26 GMT

I am wanting to implement a site such that some actions may have a 
different mapping depending upon the device used (e.g. regular browser / 
mobile device etc.) but what I don't want to do is have to litter my 
actions with this type of logic. It could be at the result mapping level 
(i.e. in struts.xml) such that say a result of success would map to a 
jsp of somePage.jsp for regular browsers and somePageMobile.jsp for a 
mobile device (there will be more complications to this as I'd like to 
be able to have fine grained control based on the user agent so there 
may be many versions of a jsp such as somePageWinMobile6_5_htc.jsp).

There are  couple of ways I can think of to do this, but they're ugly:
- JSP level logic to render the page differently - dont want it, I'd 
rather individual jsp's for each supported device (or family) as this 
allows developers who are working on targeting a site to a specific 
device to concentrate on that device.
- Tiles template level logic - again not ideal as I would like to be 
able to use specific templates for device types.

Better but not perfect would be some sort of post action result 
modifying interceptor such that in the struts.xml I could define a 
number of different result mappings such as success, success_winmob, 
success_blackberry_storm and have the result string that has been 
returned from the action (success) modified by some sort of interceptor 
(e.g. appending the suffix prior to struts mapping it off to a view)  - 
the filter itself could be configured as to whether or not to alter 
result strings based on the action and the user device. - Is it possible 
to modify the result string post action but prior to struts resolving 
the mapping? And if so would I have access to the the name of the action?

Any suggestions here are greatly appreciated!
Web technologies being used are Struts2, Tiles2 and JSP.


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