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From Philipp Leusmann <>
Subject Problem with value attribute in select tag
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 15:30:33 GMT

what exactly does the value-attribute of the select tag require? Is it one element of the
list provided to the list-argument? Or is it the value which eventually makes the value-attribute
of the html-rendered select tag?

I have something like the following and I do not find a way to work as expected:

public class SelectAction extends ActionSupport
	private List<TestObject> list = new ArrayList();

	private TestObject object;

	public String execute()
		TestObject to1 = new TestObject(1, "foo");
		TestObject to2 = new TestObject(2, "bar");
		object = to2;

	[getters for the stuff above]


public class TestObject 
	private Integer id;

	private String str;

	public TestObject(Integer id, String str)
	{ = id;
		this.str = str;


And in the template (using Freemarker) I tried:

	< name="bla" list=list listKey="id" listValue="str" value=object />

	< name="bla" list=list listKey="id" listValue="str" />

	< name="bla" list=list listKey="id" listValue="str" value="${}" />

	< name="bla" list=list listKey="id" listValue="str" value=${object} />

None of the above worked.

Could anybody please tell me what the correct value-argument would be?

Thanks very much,


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