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From Emi Lu <>
Subject Dispatch does not work ( Struts2 + tile)
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2009 17:27:16 GMT
Hello all,

I am using struts2.1.8.1 & tiles2.0.7.

The following doc says that dispatch will work, but when I setup:

My page goes to the correct URL, but the action class "ProcessTest" is 
not called at all; only after refresh the page, the "edit" function is 
called. Someone knows why and how?

My configurations are:

(1) jsp
<s:form namespace="/Edit" action="ProcessTest">
    ... ...
    <s:submit value="Edit" theme="simple" action="edit">


(2) struts.xml
<package name="Edit" namespace="/Edit" extends="struts-default">
<result-type name="tiles" 

  <action name="editProcessTest" class="ProcessTest" method="edit">
     <result name="input"   type="tiles">edit_it   </result>
     <result name="error"   type="tiles">browse_it </result>

(3) In Tiles
    <definition name= "edit_degname" 
       <put-attribute name="title"       value="Edit" />
       <put-attribute name="body"        value="/WEB-INF/p1.jsp"   />

After clicking (1)."Edit", browser goes to /Edit/ProcessTest, but the 
method "edit" in class never being called?

Thank you for your help!

Lu Ying

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