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From Robert Graf-Waczenski <>
Subject S2.1.8.1: Need something similar to struts.el.throwExceptionOnFailure for <s:textfield> and <s:hidden>
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 11:41:16 GMT

we recently upgraded to Struts V2.1.8.1. One of the reasons for the 
upgrade was the option to have the system throw an exception when OGNL 
expression evaluation encounters an error or is unable to find the 
corresponding propertey accessor method. This works just fine, i.e. 
using <s:property value="missingProperty"/> results in a runtime error 
in the VM.

However, this does not work for <s:textfield name="missingProperty"/> 
(or similar pre-populateable HTML form input element custom tags), 
meaning that the input control field value is empty (and if we 
redundantly add the value property to the tag, then the value text is 
used as form field value). I think that because internally the 
ValueStack is accessed to pre-populate the form field value, a similar 
runtime error should be thrown instead of using a questionable default 

Am i missing something obvious? Is there a configuration option that i 
need to set?


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