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From Haroon Rafique <>
Subject Re: NoResult - write response in the Action
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 22:56:18 GMT
On Today at 5:13pm, GL=>Greg Lindholm <> wrote:

GL> I have a situation where I want to fully handle the result in the Action
GL> including writing the response to the HttpServletResponse.

return ActionSupport.NONE?

GL> What's the best way to handle this so there is no further results processing
GL> after the execute() method ends?
GL> Is there a way to disable results processing from within the action's
GL> execute() method?
GL> Or, should I write a "NoResult" Result that does nothing?
GL> I know I could write a custom Result and move all the logic from the action
GL> to the custom result but it would be a PITA and make this situation much
GL> more complex then it needs to be. I would have to split the logic in the
GL> action in an artificial way and expose a bunch of internal variables just so
GL> they could be passed to the Result and then I would have to duplicate logic
GL> that is already available in the action super classes, etc in the result.

Haroon Rafique

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