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From Oscar <>
Subject Re: Drop downs not populated after error
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:54:07 GMT
larryreed escribió:
> I'm having a problem with the <s:select> in which the drop downs are populated
from a list of database objects. When I first display the screen, the drop downs are properly
populated. However, when there is an error in some field, and the page is redisplayed, the
drop downs are now empty. 
> I've narrowed it down to an issue with the parameter validators. When a property is annotated
with a field validator (e.g. @EmailValidator) and that field fails the validation, the form
action execute is never called, so I do not have the opportunity to initialize the data for
the dropdowns. The page is redisplayed with all the error messages as desired, but the dropdowns
are empty. 
> If the fields pass all the annotated validators, the execute routine is called, and if
that routine then detects an additional error (e.g. user name in use) and returns the INPUT
status, then the dropdowns are properly populated by the execute routine. 
> How do I get around this problem? I'd like not to have to explicitly validate everything
in my actions. 
> -- Larry 
Hi Larry Reed, you're right, the action never executes. To avoid that 
your action must implement the Preparable interface. Then you implement 
the method of the interface called prepare(). This method is used to 
initialize objects, like your List from the database. this method 
executes always, even if there's a validation error and your action 
method doesn't execute. prepare() does.

With that, your list always be recreated in each server request even if 
you have validation errors or something like that.

I hope it helps you.

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