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From Jari Fredriksson <>
Subject Re: struts 1.2 - HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() returns NULL
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 06:35:40 GMT

15.10.2009 7:05, Sandeep Shenvi kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> We are developing a web application with Single Sign On (SSO) feature using
> struts 1.2 and are using tomcat 6.0 container for deployment. We want to
> achieve a scenario similar to Windows Authentication.
> For this we want to know the user (user name who has logged in to the
> Windows OS)  who has hit the website URL.
> I tried to use APIs of HttpServletRequest class.  It gives me client IP
> address, but when I try something like httpServletRequest.getRemoteUser()
> it returns null (Struts documentation says that getRemoteUser() will return
> username only if the user is already authenticated).
> Does the HttpServletRequest object contain this information? Is there any
> other way to get the user name?
> Thanks in advance...

HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() returns the username ONLY after the
user has authenticated to the Application Server. It has no knowledge of
the Windows (or any operating system) user or session.

Googling "tomcat windows auth" gives many results. The first one is

Have a look, and try Google. You are not alone in this..


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