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From "Mike Baranski" <>
Subject RE: Show jsps from different directories based on "theme"
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:32:43 GMT
>> > If you're using S2, you could always return the 'theme1' or 'theme2'
>result in
>> your action class and have the mapping for it.
>> That's absolutely a disgusting idea, think about 10 themes, and add to
>> that user installable themes...
>> A switch() at end of each of the action methods... no way.
>I totally agree with you.  However, I'm just giving Brian options to
>assess his situation: number of themes, whether to implement another set
>of library (more possible bugs, more memory usage, bigger code base,
>dependency issues, etc), potential growth of his project, etc...
>Personally, I don't prefer the selection of separate theme pages.  I
>only use 1 page for the and change the CSS and layout within that page
>via include.  Thus, no need for Tiles.  Example, for a full layout:
>header, left side bar, content in the middle, right side bar, footer.  I
>could then choose dynamically to whether include the left, right, or
>both side bar(s) for the other variations.  Using this approach may
>require themes in DB backend.  But it will give you the best flexibility
>since there's no need to redeploy your web app just because your
>client/customer want to have another theme layout with same content :)
>When I look at redeployment, I see downtime.  Perhaps Brian
> could also look into JSP Tags too.  I haven't finished my in depth look
>in it but it looks very promising.

Well, my "theme" is basically different users that have systems with user
defined fields, and different stuff stored in them.  i.e. user1 at customer
x may be sensitive data that they don't want displayed, so it needs to not
be shown, while user y may have something they want displayed by the app.
It's not really about layout, but about what is shown or not shown for
different installations.

>> > Or you could just use Tiles?
>> Hopefully it helps, although I don't know how. I have only used Struts
>> 1.2.x and Tiles for it, and never did themes..
>> --
>> Life is to you a dashing and bold adventure.
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