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From "Denny Erinjery" <>
Subject excpetion chaining to custom exception handler issue
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 19:03:39 GMT
I'm using a global exception handler action class to get the exception
details and display it on a custom error page.
Following is the struts xml configuration
			<result name="Excpetion" type="chain">
				<!-- param
name="namespace">/namespaceWhereActionIsDefined</param -->

            <exception-mapping exception=3D"java.lang.Exception"

	<action name="UnhandledExceptionHandler"
	            <result name=3D"error"


Once my action class is invoked it will create my exception object using
the current exception set by the struts setter as well as I get more
details about the system at the time of the exception. In order to get
the exception forwarded to my action class from the action where the
exception occurs I use chaining in the result mapping
			<result name="Excpetion" type="chain"> .... "
This works and everything is populated on my error jsp page and the page
gets displayed as expected. Now if I refresh this error page, although
the actions go through the last exception path as expected, and my error
handler class is executed, it will not display the error page again this
time but will end up showing the following error=

HTTP Status 500 - Infinite recursion detected: [//loginAction!login,
//UnhandledExceptionHandler, //UnhandledExceptionHandler,
//UnhandledExceptionHandler] - [unknown location]

After this error if I refresh the above page(HTTP Status 500) , it will
once again show my error page and a refresh on that page will bring back
the error 500 again!!! This keeps on doing on consecutive refresh. This
will go away if I use "redierctAction" in place of "chain" but then I
will lost the information about the exception once it reached in my
exception handling action class Please tell me is this a problem on my
error handling or a sturts issue.


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