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From "Himstedt, Maik (EXTERN: T-Systems on)" <>
Subject Calling Struts action from JSP outside WEB-INF folder
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:55:15 GMT
Hi everybody,

I need to call a Struts action (we use Struts 1.3) from a JSP but I keep getting an "Cannot
retrieve mapping for action: "/maEdit" error. The JSP looks like 

<html:form action="/maEdit" method="post" target="_self">
the struts-config looks like

<action path="/maEdit" type="" name="maEditForm"
parameter="method" scope="session" validate="false">

The main problem is the web project's structure. We habe a Web Content folder, underneath
WEB-INF and a folder called protected which basically holds all JSPs (don't ask me who had
this bright idea...). The full path to my JSP goes like protected/processes/aip/ma/myPage.jsp
where myPage.jsp is the JSP in question. I thought I could navigate to the Struts action like

<html:form action="../../../../maEdit" method="post" target="_self">

but the error remains. Is it possible at all?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Maik Himstedt

T-Systems on site services GmbH
Procurement Systems
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