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From Jim Collings <>
Subject Re: Convention plugin blues
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 20:03:49 GMT
> Hi
> Is there a setting/property I can set to get the Convention plugin to
> tell me where & what it's looking for to resolve to the result
> classes. Having split a Struts 2 (2.1.7) application that was running
> solely on Tomcat to now serve static content from an Apache Webserver
> and pass Struts requests through to Tomcat, I've got the html being
> served ok, config-browser/index.action finds my actions, but I cannot
> for the life of me get it to find my result classes. If I could only
> see what/where it's trying to find them ......
> Regards

Tried this?:

Jim C.

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