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From Marc Eckart <>
Subject Re: OT: Problem with IE6 and JQuery (?)
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:35:10 GMT

I found something, it seems that it is a bug of IE6. Unfortunately the fixes
did not work for me.

We have a table and in some rows we have subtables:

                <tr id="attorney<s:property value="ipNbr"/><s:property
value="#account.accountNumber"/>" class="attorneylist invisible">
                    <td colspan="4">
                    <div style="height: auto;">
                        <s:if test="#accountstatus.last">
                            <div class="connector_line_final" style="height:
                            <div class="connector_line_continue"></div>
                        <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                                    <th align="left"
                                    <th align="left"
style="width:80px;border-left:1px solid #fff;">Personen Nr</th>
                                    <th align="left"
style="width:300px;border-left:1px solid #fff;">Name</th>
                                    <th align="left"
style="width:100px;border-left:1px solid #fff;">Geb Dat</th>
                                    <th align="left"
style="width:150px;border-left:1px solid #fff;">Rolle</th>
                                    <th align="left"
style="width:75px;border-left:1px solid #fff;">Generalvollm</th>
                                <s:iterator value="#account.attorneys"
status="attorneystatus" id="attorney">

                                <s:url id="selectCustomerUrl"
                                    <s:param name="ipNbr"
value="accountSearchResults.ipNbr" />
                                    <s:param name="ipNbrType"
value="accountSearchResults.ipNbrType" />
                                    <s:param name="accountNbr"
value="#account.accountNumber" />
                                    <s:param name="bankCodeNbr"
value="#account.bankCodeNumber" />
                                    <s:param name="attorneyNbr"
value="#attorney.ipNbr" />
                                    <s:param name="attorneyType"
value="#attorney.authorityType" />
                                    <s:param name="generalAttorney"
value="#attorney.generalAttorney" />
                                    <s:param name="token" value="token" />
                                <s:url id="commitResultsUrl"
                                    <s:param name="token" value="token" />

                                <tr id="row<s:property
value="ipNbr"/><s:property value="#account.accountNumber"/><s:property
value="#attorney.ipNbr"/>" title="<s:text
name=""/>" class="<%= trclass %>"
onclick="setRowColorAndCheck('<s:property value="ipNbr"/><s:property
value="#account.accountNumber"/><s:property value="#attorney.ipNbr"/>');
updateDiv('selectedcustomer', '${selectCustomerUrl}');"  <s:if
test="%{inputParameters.withReturnUrl == true}"> ondblclick="location.href =
                                    <td style="width:50px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;height:21px;">
                                        <input type="radio"
name="attorneyRadio" id="radio<s:property value="ipNbr"/><s:property
value="#account.accountNumber"/><s:property value="#attorney.ipNbr"/>"
style="padding:0px;margin-left:17px;" />
                                    <td style="width:80px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;"><s:property
                                    <td style="width:300px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;"><s:property
                                    <td style="width:100px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;"><s:property
                                    <td style="width:150px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;"><s:text
                                    <s:if test="#attorney.generalAttorney ==
                                        <td style="width:75px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;">Ja</td>
                                        <td style="width:75px;border-top:1px
solid #ccc;border-left:1px solid #8CDB5A;height:21px;">Nein</td>
                    <div style="clear: both"></div>


The row is display correctly but a text fragment of the content of <s:text
name="%{#attorney.authorityType}"/> appears right below this row. This just
happened at the end of the table.

I hate IE6 :-)

Best regards,

2009/6/16 dusty <>

> Usually that means you have the td outside the table tag somehow.  Is that
> table terminated in the middle of your setup and not restarted?
> Marc Eckart-2 wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > we have a struts2 application and we implemented the ajax functions
> > with jquery.
> > We now load some html tables with ajax in different divs. Now we have
> > the phenomenon that some text fragments of a <td> is displayed under
> > the table, but I can't find it somewhere in the dom tree.
> >
> > When I mark the fragment also the text in the <td> is marked. Very
> > strange.
> >
> > Does anyone know this phenomenon?
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Marc
> >
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