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From Martin Gainty <>
Subject RE: Re [S2] development tool
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 19:56:34 GMT

this would address training only..
local training always works as the student pays before the class
but then again a storm could come up and push class back or the training oom HVAC could go
can go wrong to upset the schedule

then again online is far 'iffier' because of man-in-the-middle hacker intervention..
a rock-solid SSL site will negate that and tighten the site to only allow one individual at
a time to access
Also i would suggest the online site should be fairly inuitive
and allow potential students to make their own choice for modules
the site should restrict the downloaded module to be purchased before the subject is presented
the site should have sufficient SSO/SSL restriction that doesnt allow more than 1 individual/view
the site shoud manner of tracking with an email to say you have d/l module 1 would you like
to d/l module2 in <n> months time
portal-plugin/spring-plugin and integration with Enterprise DBs would come as advanced modules
the intention of the site should be to inform (not to route work overseas or vice-versa)

it would be easier but more expensive to purchase a Software program such as BlackBoard to
accomplish this objective

does this make sense?
Martin Gainty 
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> To:
> Subject: Re [S2] development tool
> Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 14:07:55 -0500
> I noticed the posting on training was not met with huge opposition for 
> solicitation in the manner it was presented...
> My turn  :>
> We've been toying with creating a development tool/methodology that 
> encompases Struts, Spring, Hibernate, some code generation(not 1 screen at a 
> time, but a replication of complete cataloged solution).  My question is: 
> what model would the community best receive of the following:
> -license, $X.00 month per seat
> -free development license and non-commercial runtime, commercial runtime fee 
> per cpu
> -combination of the first two(lesser per seat license combined with a 
> runtime license)
> The core features of the tool are
> -20X faster development compared to current market alternatives
> -90% point and click development(business rules must be coded) which allows 
> developers to focus on business, not assembling technologies and frameworks
> -new frameworks can be induced by modifying catalog. Once written, never 
> write it again
> -Portal style look and feel, comes with role-base 
> authentication/authorization out-of-the-box
> -custom tag libraries are advanced and easy to use, makes application 
> integration(and long term maintenance) simpler
> -enables daily scrum sessions in an agile development environment
> -all major App Servers supported
> -all major Database supported
> -java version is production ready
> -C#/.Net version is due out in a few months 80% complete(looking for 
> developers, send resume if you like to contribute)
> I'll demo the platform to anyone interested. Just write and express interest 
> and we can do this online with Skype and GoToMeeting
> If you are interested in outsourcing. I have developers fluent with this 
> tool that are looking for projects.
> Thanks for your consideration
> Duane
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