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From Jim Collings <>
Subject @Results ignored
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 21:30:12 GMT
I've got an action/jsp combo that is under /content. Success and error
messages are actually displayed on the jsp in question.  So for
"input" and for "success" it's supposed to loop back to the jsp and
display either a success message or validation errors. I have an empty
"execute()" method annotated with @SkipValidation so that when the
page is loaded it won't display anything and I'm using
actionName!doSomething to actually get some activity out of the

Problem: For some reason, when the submit button is pressed and
"actionName!doSomething" is supposed to be called, execute() is called
instead and "actionName!doSomething" never is. I've tried every
combination of @Result I can imagine to try and fix this but nothing
seems to do the trick.

Any ideas?  I'm clueless here. Also, I can't trace into the Struts
code because I'm stuck with a crappy outdated version of IntelliJ that
doesn't cooperate with any of the new app servers.

Jim C.

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