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From Yanto <>
Subject validator issue in Struts 2.16
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 07:44:41 GMT

I am trying to use the struts validation xml and testing with my action but
its not working in struts 2.1.6 .

Same code working fine in struts 2.0.6

Any issue in the 2.1.6 version ? Are we need to include any interceptor ?

I pasted below my codes.    Any one had same issue previously ?

Code same:


<?xml version=*"1.0"* encoding=*"UTF-8"*?>

<!DOCTYPE validators PUBLIC

            "-//OpenSymphony Group//XWork Validator 1.0.2//EN"



    <field name=*"name"*>

        <field-validator type=*"requiredstring"*>

            <message>You must enter a name</message>



    <field name=*"age"*>

        <field-validator type=*"int"*>

            <param name=*"min"*>13</param>

            <param name=*"max"*>19</param>

            <message>Only people ages 13 to 19 may take this quiz</message>




*package* test;

*import* com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport;

*public* *class* QuizAction *extends* ActionSupport {

    *private* *static* *final* *long* *serialVersionUID* =

    String name;

    *int* age;

    String answer;

    *public* String getName() {

        *return* name;


    *public* *void* setName(String name) {

        *this*.name = name;


    *public* *int* getAge() {

        *return* age;


    *public* *void* setAge(*int* age) {

        *this*.age = age;


    *public* String getAnswer() {

        *return* answer;


    *public* *void* setAnswer(String answer) {

        *this*.answer = answer;



<package name=*"test"* namespace=*"/test"* extends=*"struts-default"*>

        <action name=*"test"* class=*"test.QuizAction"*>

                  <result name=*"success"*>/input.*jsp*</result>

                  <result name=*"error"*>/input.*jsp*</result>

                  <result name=*"input"*>/input.*jsp*</result>





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