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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 dispatcher does not see namespace and action in URL
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 20:55:19 GMT
Dave Newton wrote: wrote:
>  > I have a Struts 2 application that runs fine under Tomcat 5.5
>  > that will not run on a fully patched version of WebSphere 6.1.
> I seem to remember we had to set a WS setting to get things working 
> right; I've got an email in to my ex-co-worker and will follow up when I 
> hear back. It was something minor; doing a web search might turn up the 
> answer.

Our issues were fixed with RAD fixpack I'm attaching the PDF 
(which you should get but the mailing list won't. Maybe.)

I'm not sure which S2 version they're using at this point.


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