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From mitch gorman <>
Subject Re: Dynamic property names
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 03:36:03 GMT
Jon Pearson wrote:
> Well, I didn't get any responses to this, but luckily I managed to
> figure it out from the OGNL documentation
> (
> ml):
> Under the 'Expression Evaluation' section, it describes how you can
> write this:
> #variable(#object)
> And have OGNL interpret the result of the first expression (#variable)
> as another expression to evaluate, using the result of the parenthesized
> expression (#object) as the root object for that evaluation.
> So, if you have a property name in #variable, and you want to retrieve
> the value of the property with that name from the object #object, you
> can retrieve it by writing "#variable(#object)".
> Hope this is useful to others!

    yes, jon, this will be very useful.  i've run into this on a couple
occasions.  thanks for the tip!


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