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From Andy Engle <>
Subject Jetty / Apache / mod_proxy config with sslext
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 15:49:02 GMT

Hi all,

I am using sslext in my Struts application to support http/https, and attempting to get all
this to run on a Jetty server behind an Apache 2 web server.  The application runs fine, but
I am really running into trouble with my configuration, particularly since sslext forwards
to the specified http (or https) port.  This seems to almost always lead to a redirect loop
error.  Here is how I have my configuration setup:

In my app (I'll call it 'sa' here), I have the http port is set to 80, with https set to 443
(all this is setup in struts-config.xml).  In my httpd.conf, I have setup the following, which
is the same in httpd-ssl.conf:

ProxyPass             /sa  http://localhost:8080/sa
ProxyPassReverse  /sa  http://localhost:8080/sa

Jetty is running on port 8080.  With the configuration above, requests going to /sa are routed
to Jetty, both for http and https requests.  This is where the trouble begins; sslext forwards
to port 80, but then that forwards back to 8080 for Jetty, and so on and so on.  However,
if I set my http/https ports to 8080/8443 in my struts app, then my links are shown as http://server:8443/
in my web pages, which then does not utilize port 443 as desired (similarly for 8080).

Anybody have any good ideas on how to get around this issue?


PS: I apologize if this is more a Tomcat/config question, but it seems this issue is caused
mainly by sslext.

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