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From mule_user <>
Subject Re: getRequestURI() returns query parameters for path="/
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 14:01:21 GMT

Let me also point out that request.getRequestURI() correctly returns only the
URI (excludes query string) for both WebSphere 5.1 and 6.1 for a non-Struts
application. As such, both WebSphere 5.1 and 6.1 are correctly meeting
Servlet specification (not a surprise here). However, problem arises only
when I use forward in Struts and append query string in the path of forward
in struts-config.xml. As such, my question is; is this the expected behavior
in Struts 1.1 to also append the query string; when getRequestURI is alled?

mule_user wrote:
> In WebSphere 5.1 test server for Struts 1.1 application, I noticed that
> request.getRequestURI() also returns the query string, if the forward
> happens to have query parameters like below:
>   <forward name="success" path="/"/>          
> request.getRequestURI() call inside an Action class returns
> /MyProjWeb/
> According to specification, getRequestURI() should not return the query
> string my=Update. According to specification, getRequestURI() should only
> return /MyProjWeb/
> Is it correct behavior for Struts to return query string also path is
> appended with query string?
> Please note that the same code returns /MyProjWeb/ only, when I
> run it in WebSphere 6.1.
> I have to maintain code in WebSphere 5.1 (even though it is out of
> support).
> My question:
> Is it valid for Struts 1.1 (for WebSphere 5.1) to also append query string
> when getRequestURI is invoked?

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