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From Robert Graf-Waczenski <>
Subject Server-side equivalent of <s:action> tag?
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 14:09:21 GMT

We need the ability to fetch the result of a Struts2 action on the 
server, so that the response text is available as a String. With a 
Struts1 action, we were able to utilize a RequestDispatcher for this 
task. Due to Struts2 being served by a filter and not by a servlet, this 
approach no longer works and gives HTTP 404. We had a brief look at the 
source code of the ActionTag class (i.e. the one behind the <s:action> 
tag) of the Struts2 view layer, but the code that actually fetches the 
response and writes it to the client is too deeply buried, so maybe some 
kind soul can give us a pointer on how to accomplish this with Struts2.

Any help and further pointers are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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