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From John Liptak <>
Subject redirect parameters lost when using convention plugin 2.1.6
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 03:24:37 GMT

I'm in the process of upgrading an app from to 2.1.6.

I've been following the instructions at
converting from 2.0 to 2.1 . 

Since we are currently using the zero config plugin, I'm also looking at the
convention plugin
here .

The issue I'm having is that parameters that are set on the redirect are
lost.  I'm getting the OGNL exception that the trouble shooting guide says
I'm supposed to get, but then the parameters are not sent as part of the

Things that might be causing issues:
1.) I've kept the naming of the original URLs using @Action annotations
2.) I've set the action extention to only be "action" and not "action,"
3.) I'm using Weblogic 10.2

I've tried all of the different ways I know to do a redirect:
1.) Class level using params
    @Result(name = "redirect", location = "pingDestination.action", type =
    params = { "aParam", "a parameter" } )
2.) Class level using location
     @Result(name = "redirect2", location =
"/test/pingDestination.action?aParam=${message}", type = "redirect" )
3.) Action level
   @Action(value = "/test/pingRedirect3", 
            results={@Result(name = "redirect", location =
"pingDestination.action", type = "redirect",
            params = { "parse" , "true", "aParam", "a parameter" } )},
            params = { "parse" , "true", "aParam", "another parameter" })
    public String executeRedirect3() throws Exception {...
4.) I tried two different SNAPSHOT builds of 2.1.7 but the new config
loading and WebLogic don't like each other.

Any ideas?

Here is my struts.xml
    "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"
	<constant name="struts.devMode" value="false" />
    <constant name="struts.objectFactory"
value="org.apache.struts2.spring.StrutsSpringObjectFactory" />
    <constant name="struts.action.extension" value="action" />
    <constant name="struts.convention.result.path" value="/" />
    <constant name="struts.convention.package.locators"
value="action,actions,struts,struts2,view" />

	<package name="qcadmin" extends="struts-default">

            <exception-mapping exception="java.lang.Exception"
            <exception-mapping exception="java.rmi.RemoteException"
            <exception-mapping exception="javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException"
            <exception-mapping exception="org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException"
       <action name="ExceptionHandle">
			<result name="error" type="chain">/WEB-INF/common/Error.jsp</result>
	<package name="mfw" extends="qcadmin" namespace="/qcadmin/mfw">
		<default-interceptor-ref name="paramsPrepareParamsStack"/>
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