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From wkbutler <>
Subject Re: Mapping FreeMarker results in struts-rest-plugin
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 01:19:58 GMT

Update - as it turns out, URL

resolves to template 

*if* and only if the correlating JSP template 

does *not* exist.  

While that is not terribly surprising, this is:  when the project is checked
out of CVS and run on another server using the same JVM, we have a different
order of template preference; i.e. on my box, when


both exist, then the no-extension URL resolves to the JSP template.  On the
other server, the same no-extension URL resolves to the FTL template when
both exist.  

wkbutler wrote:
> Thanks Bill -  my action class is actually called SubdivisionController. 
> Interesting you're getting responses for ftl requests. 
> These URI's resolve for me:
>    http://localhost:8080/lotmap/subdivision/id1
>    http://localhost:8080/lotmap/subdivision/id1.xml
> and these fail with a 404
>    http://localhost:8080/lotmap/subdivision/id1.jsp   (can't find local
> file - see below)
>    http://localhost:8080/lotmap/subdivision/id1.ftl    (nothing logged at
> all)
> and these are what I think should be the relevant templates 
>    WEB-INF/content/subdivision-show.jsp
>    WEB-INF/content/subdivision-show.ftl
> The URI with no extension is resolved via a forward from
> ServletDispatcherResult. It is the only one of this group that is handled
> this way though.  Of note, for the cases that succeed, the action method
> appears to be unknown in the ActionInvocation:
> DEBUG [btpool0-2] RestWorkflowInterceptor.debug(57) | Skipping
> Interceptor... Method [show] found in exclude list.
> DEBUG [btpool0-2] RestActionInvocation.debug(57) | Executing action method
> = null
> which I think means that a registered UnknownHandler should process this
> Result, based on the RestActionInvocation class's invokeAction() method.
> And the only UnknownHandler candidate I see is Convention's, and it seems
> to give up on unknown methods. So I don't think I found the right handler. 
> It's a bit confusing that with no extension the result is processed, and
> with a .jsp extension, this error is logged:
> 2009-03-11 07:11:51.703::WARN:  PWC6117: File
> "D:\projects\lotmap-restful-ep\src\main\webapp\subdivision\F11.jsp" not
> found
> And for the .ftl extension there is nothing logged at all.
> Musachy - thanks for the reminder, in haste I had blurred the distinction. 
> It appears that the Rest plugin's strategy for result handling defers to
> Convention or struts core definitions, but this appears to be working only
> for the rest-plugin's default extension "" (or "xhtml" to be more
> correct). 
> The rest plugin does properly handle different ContentTypes based on
> extension via its Interceptor, which is much different than the Action
> mechanism's use of extension to map result type.  
> I think my URL's above and their content templates are accurate. I have
> also tried some nonsensical templates (for a rest-plugin action) like
>    WEB-INF/content/subdivision-success.ftl
>    WEB-INF/content/subdivision.ftl
> I wonder if something else is required to invoke the
> FreemarkerTemplateEngine for the ftl extension.  The rest plugin seems to
> squash this somehow.  What am I missing...?
> Bill Stilwell wrote:
>> I'm not sure if this applies, but I have found that with the rest
>> plugin and freemarker, I _have_ to have a Controller. It's not clear
>> to me from reading the docs if this is the intention with the rest
>> plugin, but that's how things are working for me.
>> -b
>> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Musachy Barroso <>
>> wrote:
>>> xml and json are the output types (the response sent to the client).
>>> JSP and FreeMarker are the result types, which are mapped by
>>> Convention. Check the Convention documentation for details on how the
>>> templates are found (same rules apply for jsp(s) and ftl(s))
>> -- 
>> Bill Stilwell -
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