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From wkbutler <>
Subject Struts mapping failing when using struts2-convention-plugin
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 20:20:11 GMT

Hi - 
I am attempting to use the struts-rest-plugin, v2.1.6.  I am using
struts2-rest-showcase-2.1.6 as a guide. The showcase app works fine for me,
and I have modeled my struts.xml, web.xml, and pom.xml after its example.   

Still, my app always returns a 404 error for any RESTful URL request.  Here
are my 2 example URLs that I would expect to work at this point:


I have cranked up debug, and even though the Restful Mapper & Interceptor
appear to be properly registered at startup:

DEBUG [main] XmlConfigurationProvider.debug(57) | Loaded [BUILDER]
{PackageConfig Name:convention-default namespace: parents:[{PackageConfig
Name:struts-default namespace: parents:[]}]}

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Setting action
default parent package to [rest-default]

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Loading action

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Actions being
loaded using package locators [rest]

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Excluding actions
from packages [org.apache.struts.*, org.apache.struts2.*,
org.springframework.web.struts.*, org.springframework.web.struts2.*,

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.debug(57) | Processing class
[] in package []

DEBUG [main] SEOActionNameBuilder.trace(69) | Changed action name from
[SubdivisionController] to [subdivision]

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Got actionName for
class [class] of [subdivision]

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.trace(69) | Created package
config named [] with a namespace []

DEBUG [main] PackageBasedActionConfigBuilder.debug(57) | Creating action
config for class [class], name
[subdivision] and package name [] in
namespace []

DEBUG [main] DefaultResultMapBuilder.trace(69) | Using final calculated
namespace []

DEBUG [main] DefaultResultMapBuilder.trace(69) | Searching for results in
the Servlet container at [/WEB-INF/content/] with result prefix of

DEBUG [main] DefaultResultMapBuilder.trace(69) | Searching for results in
the class path at [WEB-INF/content/] with a result prefix of
[/WEB-INF/content/subdivision] and action name [subdivision]

on any of the above requests, this is the only logged output (to go along
with the 404 response):
DEBUG [btpool0-2] ConfigurationManager.debug(57) | Checking
ConfigurationProviders for reload.

DEBUG [btpool0-2] InstantiatingNullHandler.debug(57) | Entering

WARN [btpool0-2] OgnlValueStack.warn(45) | Could not find property

which seems totally irrelevant.

I am spinning my wheels now and have tried numerous things, but I cannot
understand why the supposed action configured at startup does not pick up my

Here are my general configs - I have pared down the configuration to a bare
minimum, to match the Showcase app, to no avail (yet):

    <constant name="struts.convention.action.suffix" value="Controller"/>
    <constant name="struts.convention.action.mapAllMatches" value="true"/>
    <constant name="struts.convention.default.parent.package"
    <constant name="struts.convention.package.locators" value="rest"/>


	<!-- Filters -->

    <!-- Listeners -->



        <!--  Struts 2 -->




Any suggestions?  I guess I will be going through source code now - the
showcase example makes it seem so simple, and I cannot see what little
switch I have missing or need to remove.  Thanks for ideas.
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