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From "Richard Rauser" <>
Subject Struts 2.1.6 - No Action Extension, Cannot Access Dojo Javascript Files
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 12:19:52 GMT

Hi all,

I recently began migrating a working Struts 2.0.11 app to Struts 2.1.6. This
has been a bit of a painful process, particularly moving from the SmartURLs
plugin to the Convention plugin and from ajax tags to the Dojo plugin.

Here is my problem: I am not using an action extension within my app, so
within I have set:

This works fine in 2.0.11, and ajax works OK. 

In 2.1.6, I have found that if the action extension is set to nothing as
above, then Struts does not expose any of the javascript files required for
Dojo ajax, but instead thinks I am requesting an action instead of a JS

E.G. If I navigate within my browser to 
http://<my domain>/struts/dojo/struts_dojo.js

Then I get the following exception: 
There is no Action mapped for action name struts_dojo.js. - [unknown

Naturally this means that any pages that use ajax via the Dojo plugin do not
work properly as these JS files cannot be loaded from script tags.

Now If I set the action extension within my 2.1.6 app to something, say

And then navigate to 
http://<my domain>/struts/dojo/struts_dojo.js

I can access the javascript file.

What I'm wondering is if this is expected behavior, or if this is a defect
(as I could access JS files fine with no action extension in 2.0.11)? I
can't see how I can reconcile these two behaviors that I desire in 2.1.6,
i.e. no action extension + availability of Dojo JS files. Any thoughts on
how I might do this?


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