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From Adam Lister <alis...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: value truncated
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 21:18:04 GMT
This might not help you, but the simplest answer might be to avoid doing 
escaping, replacing, etc... and just make the value of your options be 
whatever unique identifier you have for that record in the db.  Then 
when the user posts this value, you can look it up again in your 
action.  If you don't have a unique identifier like that, use the index, 
re-retrieve the list, and grab the item at the correct index.

Dravid wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a jsp page where I am using  html:select options.When the user
> selects a option I am calling a 
> JavaScript onchange to submit the form.
> My problem is I have a list with  double quotes values which I am retrieving
> from database.
> eg: Account = "N" .I could not able to retrieve the the value as it is in
> action class.It's get truncating to 
> "Account =" not giving the "N" value.I want the value to be retrieved as it
> is.
> Please some one help me to solve this.
> any help is highly appriciated.
> thanks in advance.

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