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From Burton Rhodes <>
Subject Struts 2 Architecture - Best Practices...
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:42:50 GMT
I am curious to know what structure many of you use to organize and
separate your struts apps.  I can't seem to find a "standard" in this
regard.  I started with a simple application, and of course, it has
grown to where more separation of logic layers is a must.  Right now I
have Presentation Layer (jsp & action classes) and a data layer (DAO &
DAO Implementation classes).  I am upgrading this application to use
Struts 2, Spring, JPA, & Hibernate.  Right now many of my action
classes directly use my dao classes with some exceptions where the
logic was complicated.  Is it the general consensus that there should
be NO access to DAO in the Action classes?  If so, it seems like this
could create quite a few "Service Layer" classes (perhaps I'm wrong on
this).  I know there is no :correct: answer, but would love to hear
from the experts as to what you do in this regard.

Also, would love to know any naming conventions or class organization
structure you use (e.g. com.[company].action.*,.
com.[company].service.*,. com.[company].entity.*,.
com.[company].doa.*, etc) .

Many thanks!


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