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From Andreas Mähler <>
Subject Re: [S2] Store a request and invoke it later
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 01:53:17 GMT
Thank you, Dave.

I think Martin misunderstood me. I was planning to store everything in 
the session anyway. What I would like to know is _what_ I have to store 
and _how_ to invoke the right action later in order to make the login 
stuff transparent.

Maybe I am also going to check out Spring Security, as Wes suggested, 
but ATM I am using my own little AuthenticationInterceptor that supplies 
every Action (if desired) with the UserLogin-bean and redirects to the 
login-action if the bean is mandatory (indicated by annotation). It's 
working nicely, and I would like to keep it :-)


Dave Newton schrieb:
> Martin Gainty wrote:
>> 1)store in db
>> 2)if static.. place in properties file
>> 3)you can use OGNL to place values into 'application' scope
> ...
> 3) Seems like 'session' would be more appropriate since we're talking 
> about storing an individual user's request, to be re-used after a login. 
> And it would be put into session by the interceptor that checked if the 
> user was logged in, which wouldn't do it via OGNL.
> 2) It's unlikely a user's request would be known in advance.
> 1) I can't think of any reason why I'd want to store the request in a DB 
> since it only needs to persist over login attempts.
> Dave

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