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From Andy Sykes <>
Subject Re: Only call actions from certain forms
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 01:17:49 GMT
Actually, having an interceptor makes some sense in this case.

How can interceptors "short circuit" the stack and action to return a  
result code? The ideal situation here would be that the "protector"  
interceptor is above the validation interceptor, checks for the form  
token, and chucks an error result code, protecting the validators from  
null parameters and so on.

I can't see anything in the documentation about achieving this - the  
ActionInvocation javadoc suggests that  
ActionInvocation.setResultCode() will not short-circuit the stack, and  
that the action's own result code will override the interceptor-set  


On 24 Jan 2009, at 17:56, Dave Newton wrote:

> Andy Sykes wrote:
>> Cheers for the suggestions - I guess I was just looking for a  
>> sanity check from the list.
> It seems reasonable to me--the functionality *could* be wrapped up  
> in an interceptor, which might be marginally cleaner, but it's one  
> of those judgment calls that in real life I probably wouldn't care  
> much about.
>> The reasoning behind wanting to do this is my users are somewhat  
>> curious, and are prone to poking. I'd prefer for them to not see  
>> blank pages, stack traces, or otherwise!
> Darn users... this is a pretty typical requirement and is one of the  
> reason workflow "engines" came about; they can handle simple cases  
> like this as well as disallowing jumps into the middle of multi-step  
> processes etc.
> Dave
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