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From RudyG <>
Subject Re: Displaying "Please Wait" message
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 23:53:49 GMT

Hi EasyStrutser.

Your option 2 is my fallback option. Also thanks to Wes who chimed in with
the same suggestion. However, your option 3 sounds a little more
interesting. Any chance you might have a link to some place that expands on
Would be greatly appreciated.


EasyStrutser wrote:
> RudyG wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I have an odd problem that I can't seem to resolve. I use struts along
>> with JSP to call Java Servlets on the back end. Some back end calls take
>> a little while when used by the WEB users so I've been asked to put up a
>> message that tells the users to "Please Wait" so that they don't press
>> the Submit button multiple times. So what I ended up doing was calling a
>> Javascript function from within the onclick() event of the Submit button.
>> And here are the contents of the function:
>> function splashScreen()
>> {
>> 	document.write("<p
>> style='color:black;background-color:aqua;text-align:center;margin:25% 25%
>> 10% 25%;border: medium double black;'>Processing Data.<br>Please
>> Wait.</p>");
>> 	document.forms[0].submit();
>> 	return true;
>> }
>> However the problem is that after the document write is executed the
>> processing stops. All attempts of doing the submit() from Javascript also
>> does not work as it gives some sort of permission violation. Does anyone
>> have any suggestions?
>> Thank you in advance.
>> Rudy
> Perhaps you can try it in following ways:
>  1. by redirecting from step 1(submit page) into step 2(waiting page), no
> js required 
>  2. diable the submit button after use has submit once, replace or wrapper
> it with waiting msg
>  3. simply diable(make it look grey with JS) the whole page after the
> submit but just with an iframe which shows "waiting..." msg.

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