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Subject RE: struts-config.xml question
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:18:18 GMT
The path of <action path=
is the path of the request

also the path in the forward section is the path of the forward request.
But where i could find this ?

In the struts-config.xml i couldn´t find a action with this name, also i
couldn´t find a jsp with this name in the application context. Is there
anywhere else a definition files for aliases ?


  From:       omer nauman <>                     
  To:         <>                                 
  Date:       28.11.2008 11:36                                         
  Subject:    RE: struts-config.xml question                           

path is the name of the request :"". you don't enter do part here>
To:> From:> Date: Fri,
28 Nov 2008 11:11:05 +0100> Subject: struts-config.xml question> > > Hi to
all,> > I´m new to struts and i have to reconfigure an existing struts>
application.> > I´m just looking in the struts-config.xml of the
application and there some> forwards in actions defined i don´t
understand.> > like:> > <action path="/applicationmain">
type="com.usr.type.action.ApplListAction"> scope="request">
validate="false">> <forward name="appl-list-jsp" path=""/>>
</action>> > The thing i do not understand is the path of the forward. I
can´t find any> file or servlet with this path. Has anyone an idea ?> >
best regards> >
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