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From 928572663 <>
Subject Re: What are Pros and Cons for Struts 2?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 13:37:04 GMT
Here are a few of the things that struts2 does better:

* OGNL syntax for accessing data in your webpages is much more elegant
* Web pages can access data in the Action class rather than only through 
a form bean
* Action classes can serve up more than one form bean
* Form beans can be just POJO classes
* Supports java annotations
* Validation framework seems to be more robust
* struts tags are simpler to use and more internally consistent

Don't Likes:

* Documentation is scattered throughout the web (mailing list, external 
websites), some of the formal docs are out of date or incomplete
* css xhtml theme still applies formatting such as align="right" where 
it shouldn't
* <s:push> tag doesn't seem to work as expected when submitting form 
data (values don't update the POJO)
* subtiles cannot contain form fields w/o causing null pointer exceptions


ryan webb wrote:
> Can anyone share to me some of the things you like about
> Struts 2 as well some of the things you don't like about struts 2?
> Thanks!

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