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From Alberto Flores <>
Subject Re: Programming help for a "print" function
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 18:25:29 GMT
Are you aware that you can control what is printed with CSS 
(media="print")?. This is a good trick (depending on what you are trying 
to do).

Only food for thought!

Guojun Zhu wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to struts and using Struts 1.2.9 (old version, but not my
> decision).  I have a view page in jsp set up to display a report I
> generated on-fly.  I have use setRequestAtrribute() to put  report (
> plain text string with only "\n" line-break) as a attribute in the
> action and get it from the jsp page and show it in a "textarea".  I
> put it this way for user to copy and paste the content in textarea
> into a text editor easily.
>  Now we want to put a print link/button for the report.  I have a few questions.
> 1 Javascript only has "window.print()" which print the whole window.
> Can it print things only in the textarea?
> 2  If I cannot, I probably need to pop-up a new window with a
> print-friendly page and invoke "window.print()" there.  Is that the
> correct way to do?
> 3. The report generating is expensive and  it has a generating time in
> the report.  So I do not wan to generate it again.  I wan to pass it
> into the print-page instead.    how can I pass the report from the
> original page to the pop-up print page?  Do I have to change the
> report into "session" attribute?
> 4. Since the plain text spring with line-break "\n" will not show up
> correctly in the browser, I need to change the report and put the
> format as "<br/>".  So I need to have two versions report generated.
> Is that the good way to go?  Or maybe I can generate one xml file and
> apply different css?
> I am sorry, the questions are not directly related to struts.  But I
> am not sure whether struts provide some better mechanism to accomplish
> this.  I am new to the server-side programing.  Can anyone point a
> good forum or usenet where I can get some help for subject like these?
>  Thanks.
> Sincerely
> Zhu, Guojun
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