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From Andreas Mähler <>
Subject [S2] Problems with excludeParams regex for params interceptor
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 16:01:34 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I would like to use the excludeParams parameter for the params 
interceptor. My problem is the following:

I am using the params,prepare,params pattern. The first params 
interceptor sets a 'type' property, that is used by the prepare 
interceptor. According to that property, a new object is created (but 
the type of the object depends on the 'type' property). The second 
params interceptor then feeds the new object. The objects have different 
properties, of course. This, however, causes the first params 
interceptor to print a lot of error messages, as the object is not 
there, yet.

I have tried to use a regex with the first interceptors excludeParams 
parameter: [^(type)] (first interceptor shoud ignore everything but the 
'type' parameter)

It did not work. But when I add .* before or after the regex, it worked 
somehow. Why is that?

I also try to create a whitelist for more than one parameter: 
[^(oid)(tid)], but it's also not working.

Has anyone ever tried this, or should I go for ParameterNameAware? 
(Which would be more complicated IMO..)


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