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From Sébastien Domergue <>
Subject Re: simple vs xhtml theme, validation question
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 15:33:28 GMT
you're right, simple theme don't allow you to use validation. In order 
to use validation with the simple theme you have to extend it or to 
modify xhtml theme in order not to build the table layout.
The templates sources are in struts jar and you can define others by 
adding them to
You also have the actionerror and actionmessage tags that can display 
those messages but they will be all displayed at the same place.



Torsten Krah a écrit :
> Hi.
> I don't want to use the xhtml theme because of the table layout it produces, 
> the simple is enough.
> However, simple does not render the validation errors or messages.
> Wheres the glue to do so with the simple theme? Did not find any information 
> about this yet which helps me, to render those messages.
> Any help appreciated. thx.

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