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From Andreas Mähler <>
Subject Re: [S2] Avoiding usage of struts-tags
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 23:54:08 GMT
Thank you for your quick answer, Jeromy!

Jeromy Evans schrieb:
>> do you know if the "communication" between the S2 Action and the 
>> struts-tags is standardised? Or am I opening a black box if I replace 
>> sth. like
>> <s:textarea id="description" name="object.description" cols="40" 
>> rows="6"/>
>> with a VanillaHTML+JSTL version like
>> <textarea id="description" name="object.description" cols="40" 
>> rows="6">${object.description}</textarea>
>> ?
> This approach is okay.  You will struggle with collections though (like 
> populating the values of a select)
> An edge case is radio buttons as they include a hidden field (or was 
> that checkboxes).  Just check the templates for what they render as html.

It was the checkboxes - i know about this issue (CheckboxInterceptor) 
and i think that I can handle it :-) Haven't tried to replace 
Collection-backed tags like s:select yet, but I think (using c:forEach) 
it shouldn't be too painful aswell.

>> The reason I do this is because I don't like the struts-tags and OGNL.
> That's understandable, but the template system of the tags is quite good 
> and it may be more productive to create better templates.

I've already tried that, but I don't know Freemaker yet and I don't even 
like the code that is generated by the simple theme. (e.g: it was my 
intention to write a 100% JavaScript-free webinterface) I also think 
that the interface is quirky and not as straightforward as JSTL's (at 
least the core tags - i rarely use the other stuff) - but that's just my 
opinion. I think I've also discovered a bug in the s:colgroup tag, so I 
can't use it. I've opened a ticket[1], but I think that I'm not allowed 
to schedule it to - say - the 2.1.3 release (at least if I don't provide 
a patch).



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