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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: [S2] URL management
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 21:20:08 GMT
esemba wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm migrating my old php website to Struts 2 and have problem with url
> management. In my db, i have urls tagged like this
> [url][/url]. In php, i just do regexp replace of this custom
> url tags with proper html tags. I would need to do something like this in
> struts 2, but want to use <s:url>. Best solution would be like this: In
> jsp(ognl) replace every occurrence of [url]url string[/url] with 
> <s:url value= ">.

That wouldn't work, since JSP custom action tags are processed at page 
compilation time; by the time your substitution happened (during page 
rendering) it's too late to introduce s:url tags.

I this case, you probably don't need s:url tags anyway; just use vanilla 
HTML <a href=...


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