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From "Gabriel Belingueres" <>
Subject Re: session based pojo as form variables
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2008 18:13:47 GMT
928572663 I can not disagree more with you.

First we can not have the whole picture of your problem because only
you are in front of your screen and your system, so we just make an
educated guessing, so the more information you supply, the better. You
didn't supply your struts.xml file for example.

Because I'm guessing, I could conjecture that the page is not showing
your default data because you are calling the jsp page directly, not
through the action, but I can't tell. Believe me that I'm using S2
from two years now and *it works*, but I never seen an input text
named "#session.whatever" in a page, not even in the example apps.

I can guess too from how you implemented the SessionAware interface,
that you didn't read the docs, nor tacked a look at the example apps
source code (there are actions there that are SessionAware and you can
copy and paste). Reading the docs, example apps, previous mailing list
posts, debugging or web searching the problem can't turn the situation

If you are receiving lots of NPEs means to me that you are doing
something wrong. When that's the case, please provide the stack trace.

2008/9/20 Dave Newton <>:
> Moving back to the list.
> --- On Sat, 9/20/08, 928572663 <> wrote:
>> If you believe that your suggestions are correct, then please
>> modify my samples, test them, and email them back to me.
> Sure, if you wash my dishes and break down a bunch of empty boxes and put them into my
storage unit...
> I'll consider writing up a summary of the various ways to accomplish what you're trying
to do and putting it on the wiki, although most of it will be an aggregation of info that's
already there.
>> But I havent' seen anything in the framework yet on how to have a
>> single form call different functions in the same action class based
>> on which button was pushed.
> That's what <s:submit...>'s "method" attribute does.
>> I'm on the verge of ditching struts2 as not being a viable framework
>> for working with session-oriented data, so, if you believe in the
>> framework, then please help by providing a working sample.
> I'm not sure how to react to that; I work with session data all the time.
> There are any number of ways to do what you're trying to do: ScopedModelDriven (works,
but a little clunky to configure IMO), a manual session object retrieval in a couple ways,
direct mapping to the session map (what you're sort-of doing), a custom interceptor that injects
the session bean into the action, etc.
> Dave
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