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From Sven Grünewald <>
Subject Accessing "id" bean-property (not tag attribute) in freemarker template
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 07:53:39 GMT
Hi, can anybody help my?
I can't acces a bean property id  in a modified freemarker template.
I can access all other properties with simple OGNL expression but not if 
they are called "id" or "ids"
If I add a getter: getMyId(){
    return getId();
} I can get it via ${myId} but not via ${id}.
I want to modify the form-tag to add the id of my entity in the URL to 
make my actions bookmarkable etc. But I don't want to use GET. Only the 
entity id should be shown in the URL e.g. 
.../shop/showItem.action?id=42. Therefor I want to change the (rendered) 
form tag to <form ... action=".../shop/showItem.action?id=42> but I 
can't acces my hidden input field "id" or the bean entry "id" but all 
other entries are accessable.
I am using struts 2.0.11 and have the same issue with 2.1

Thanks in advance,


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